13 Vision Group Staff Test Positive After Flouting COVID-19 SOPs

Vision Group Boss Robert Kabushenga has confirmed that 13 of his staff have tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the statement seen by this website, Kabushenga was trying to advise his fellow members of National COVID-19 Task Force to stay alert and follow all the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Guys I have confirmed thirteen 13 COVID-19 cases from my staff from the tests of last week. This is serious. We are going back to the lockdown levels of congestion. We are also splitting our staff into two cohorts for operational continuity.

The problem is here & I think by the end of the coming week all of us will be dealing with serious numbers. Ne have to turn mask wearing & sanitization and mandatory requirement of working our offices. Those who don’t comply should simply be sent home.

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