Editorial Policy

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Our key guiding factors include accuracy balance and fairness-and importantly – in the changed media
world because of the digital revolution our turnaround time for breaking news is an immaculate area.
We shall advocate for and enhance issues that are in public interest and our platforms will seek to
facilitate public debates with groundbreaking investigative stories that are agenda setting – beyond the
journalistic duty of informing, entertaining and educating.
We have no political affiliations but we shall advance a journalism brand that not only informs the public
but recognises a free democratic dispensation as it is widely understood and creates a platform for free
unfettered debate to facilitate citizens to fair and independent political choices.
Our editorial policy will protect the independence and fairness of our content and what is published on
our platforms will be free of any political or otherwise business vested interests.
In our news operations, the protection of freedom of expression is a cardinal principle, inline with the
prevailing legal restrictions in regards to privacy, hate speech, libel and others.
Content created by our staff and published on our platforms must be truthful, accurate and fair. The
credibility of our platforms are safe-guarded by observing these key guidelines when creating content.
Unsolicited articles are welcome, although publication of the same is subject to the discretion of the
editorial decision. Kampala Sqoop reserves the right to exercise its editorial judgment and reject any
article at any time for any reason.
Editorial decisions to publish or not to publish an article are made at the discretion of the Kampala
Sqoop and are based on factors including but not limited to: relevance to the industry, interest to
readers, timeliness and caliber of writing.
All submissions will be edited for accuracy, clarity, quality and length. The PML Daily does not guarantee
that authors will review their work prior to publication due to time constraints inherent in the
production process.
None of the original editorial content that PML Daily publishes in this channel is influenced by
advertisers, politicians, private or industry sponsors, members, donors, partners or collaborators. Where
such is the case, the editorial will tag the articles as such.

What is published must be true both in facts and context. Sources of information must be clearly
identified and and all facts must have collaborative evidence before publication of any story. Readers
have a right to know where the information published on our platforms comes from. A sound reason
must be given in cases of unavoidable use of unnamed sources.

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