Fans refuse to send money for Kapa’s medical bills – “She eats hers alone”

Singer Kapa Cat has been heavily criticized for putting up mobile money numbers and asking people to raise funds through them for her hospital bills.

Kapa was involved in a nasty accident early this week as she headed for a music show.

Her car swayed off the road as they tried to negotiate a bend, and there was also a bus speeding on the opposite side leaving dust in its wake. Her manager, who was driving at the time couldn’t see and that is how they ended up in a trench.

The doctors’ scans indicated that she injured a ligament, and there were still some fragments stuck in her face.

Kapa Cat’s ruined face after the car accident

Kapa however insists that she wants to get out of hospital soon because she can’t wait to return to stage.

She also disclosed that the huge bills of hers and her manager’s are too big for her to handle alone, so she publicly sought for some help from some well-wishers.



The singer didn’t force anyone to pay for her hospital bills as she only reached out to those willing to support her in this trying moment.

However, her online followers have not held back as they have mocked her and criticized her to ‘demanding for money’ from them.

Some comments from some people are not so friendly either, if she’s week hearted, they’ll leave her emotionally damaged.

See their reactions below;

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