FDC’s handpicked candidate finally gets nominated for Kumi LC5 race

Finally, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) handpicked aspirant for the LC5 in Kumi district has been nominated after their flag bearer fell short of the Electoral Commission -EC nomination requirements last week.

On Friday last week the party presented Robert Odiope as a flag bearer but he did not have certified academic papers that could allow him to be nominated for the position of LC-5 chairperson according to the returning officer Kumi, Betty Atim Owot.

This prompted the party to react swiftly and hand-picked another candidate, James Oluka, however he too was not nominated, because by closure of the nomination on Friday before it was extended to this week Monday. Oluka did not have enough signatures of the supporters as required by law. He only managed to get 140 signatures.

A candidate is required to raise signatures of at least 50 registered voters from each of at least two third of electoral areas- sub county or division, in this case 600 signatures are needed for any candidate from the 12 sub counties that constitute Kumi district, according to EC Kumi.

However, the extension of the nominations to Monday by EC gave the FDC party one more chance to have a candidate for LC-5. Oluka was dully nominated by returning officer Kumi Betty Atim Owot after fulfilling all the EC requirements.

Oluka after his nomination said he has designed a three-point program for the development of the people of Kumi district if elected in the forthcoming general elections such as Education, Health and Community economic empowerment.

Abdullah Ebokoriat Ebok, the district FDC chairperson is confident the Oluka is the right leader for the LC-5 position.

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