It will end in tears! – ‘In-laws’ curse as Desire Luzinda ‘locks’ Levixone

On Wednesday this week, it was reported that singer Desire Luzinda introduced fellow singer Levixone to her parents in a secret ‘Kukyala’ ceremony.

In central Uganda, as the tradition is, it is basically a pre-wedding grand meeting – a manifestation of both parties agreeing to take their relationship further – implying that the two singers are now a step closer to their marriage.

Though the ceremony was strictly for only a few invites guests comprising of close friends and family, a video and some few pictures have made their way online, and are now trending.

Whereas other local reports are claiming that the video was taken during a video shoot of their supposed new collabo, regardless, the two singers looked so good together.

Desire Luzinda and Levixone
Desire Luzinda looks so good with Levixone

Meanwhile, online inlaws seem not to be so happy with the news, some females feel the 33 year old should’ve looked out for a younger woman instead of chosing to settled with Desire who will be 40 so soon.

That Levixone was just a baby when Desire Luzinda fought her ‘Kitone’ wars:

“She is a war veteran, Levixone is just a kid who knows nothing about her.”

“She is his mother, it will end in tears!”

Desire Luzinda has a 19 year old daughter and on-line inlaws would’ve wanted that Levixone chooses her instead of her ageing mother.

Other female fans of the cute singer wish he would’ve chosen them instead. But if the two adults have chosen themselves over other people, they know exactly what they’re doing and words can’t change.

The only hope Levixone stalkers are having right now is they pray it’s just a video shoot.

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