NRM delegates conference to be held at regional level

The NRM party is set to hold its national delegates conference between the 18th and the 20th of this month.

According to the party secretary-general Kasule Lumumba, the conference will be held at the district level with delegates convening under the zonal format to elect party leaders.

Lumumba said the intention is aimed at mitigating the spread of Covid19.

Party delegates will be expected to choose the party’s chairperson and presidential flag bearer as well as vice-chairperson for the different regions.

“National Executive Council Meeting (NEC) comprising delegates to NEC in the respective districts shall meet on 18th August 2020. NEC shall be decentralised to about 30 interactive sub regional / zones as will be announced in the week,”Lumumba said.

She said districts which are under lockdown, shall hold standalone meetings for their NEC but they will be liable to adjustment depending on guidance from the Ministry of Health.

Lumumba said the candidates recommended by NEC to the National Conference for election shall campaign at the party headquarters Plot 10 under organised live broadcasts.

“Campaigns and other preparatory activities for the national conference shall be held on 19th August 2020.The final schedule shall be announced. Members of the national conference are enjoined to listen/watch the broadcasts,”she said.

She said CEC directed that there should be video recording of the entire meetings of NEC and the National Conference to ensure maximum transparency.

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