Nurturing Growth: Atwine Sostine’s Journey of Prosperity and Success

In the heart of Kihihi Town Council, Atwine serves as an example of the positive impact of Centenary Bank in Uganda. Here, tales of development and resiliency are woven into the very fabric of the neighborhood. Atwine Sostine, the Mayor of Kihihi Town Council, has a story that spans four decades – a story of partnership, growth, and unwavering loyalty. It is a narrative of collaboration, expansion, and unshakable devotion.

It was a time when the bank bore a different name, Centenary Rural Development Bank (CERUDEB), a catholic based bank that played a humble yet pivotal role as a credit trust.

This journey began with people from the village pooling their hard-earned money, entrusted to the parish priests who made the pilgrimage to Kabale to safeguard their savings. This was Atwine’s first introduction to the institution that would come to shape his destiny.

“At the time, we thought we were simply collecting our resources for the greater good. Little did we know, we were nurturing the roots of a bank that would one day become a cornerstone of our aspirations,” reminisces Atwine. The initial encounter, in the early 1980’s, was nothing short of inspiring, providing them a secure haven for their funds and igniting a spark of hope for a brighter future.

As time flowed on, Atwine’s journey evolved in tandem with Centenary Bank’s transformation into a magnificent commercial microfinance institution. With Centenary Bank by his side, Atwine was able to achieve his dream of becoming a sought-after farmer. “I had a few cows here and there and my gardens seemed promising, I talked to the bank for a loan so that I could improve my investments.” Atwine narrates adding, “the loans from Centenary Bank were the catalysts that propelled my ventures forward. They were more than financial support; they were the wings that allowed my dreams to take flight,” Atwine reflects.

Through the years, Atwine’s commitment to growth led him down a path of expanding his businesses. “Seeing how my farming soared, I thought about ways I would grow as a businessman, so I opened a supermarket.” Atwine recounts that he immediately approached the bank for financial support and was granted a loan.

His wife, too, harnessed the power of Centenary Bank’s Superwoman loans, benefitting from the institution’s dedication to empowering women entrepreneurs. “Without the bank’s unwavering support, my businesses wouldn’t have reached the heights they have achieved,” Atwine affirmed.

As Centenary Bank marks its Ruby year, the journey of how a local microfinance institution has grown to become the largest microfinance institution in Uganda, is a tale revered by many.

For four decades, Atwine’s journey with Centenary Bank has been an account of loyalty and unwavering trust. “This bank knows its people,” he states proudly. It’s a sentiment shared by his family, who have followed in his footsteps, entrusting their financial aspirations to the institution that Atwine holds dear. “Centenary Bank’s low charges, easy access to loans, and seamless authentication process have made it an integral part of our lives. The service they provide is unparalleled, and their flexibility with loans has been a key enabler of our progress,” Atwine emphasizes.

As Centenary Bank celebrates its fortieth anniversary, Atwine Sostine’s narrative exemplifies the symbiotic link that exists between an organization devoted to cultivating talent and the individuals who become the architects of their own success. From humble beginnings to extraordinary accomplishments, Atwine’s story exemplifies the bank’s dedication to promoting growth, enabling ambitions, and influencing futures.

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