Police not sorry for brutality – Fred Enanga

The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga has said that the force that was exerted by the Uganda Police force while on duty dispersing protestors in down town Kampala was enough to calm the situation.

He says that the acts executed by the National Unity Platform – NUP supporters could have led to the burning of Kampala City.

“There was no need of using light force on hooligans whose intentions were directed to destroying property in the city. They started beating anyone putting on a yellow T-shirt,” Enanga said while appearing on NBS Television 9pm News on Wednesday.

He added that the NUP supporters have gone into different trainings to beat the police and it was clearly seen by one who hit the police officer with a hammer.

Chaos broke out in Kampala main roads after the arrest of the NUP leader and 2021 Presidential hopeful, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Kyagulanyi was arrested on Wednesday morning in Luuka district where he was scheduled to conduct a political rally. Kyagulanyi was expected to proceed to Buyende and Kamuli as his trail in Busoga nears an end.

Police have said that the arrest is intended to enforce the COVID19 SOPs majorly against crowds beyond 200 permitted by the ministry of health.

Upon his arrest, the youthful popstar cum politician was driven to the infamous Nalufenya prison where he remains detained up until now.

The arrest has however sparked off ugly protests in the Country’s capital. NUP supporters are demanding for Kyagulanyi’s unconditional release.

The demonstrations started from around downtown Kisekka market before spreading to other parts of the city. Several have been arrested and detained in connection with the infectious unrest.

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