Vivian Tendo is single and suffering

Beautiful singer Vivian Tendo has confessed that she has no man she calls her own.

With all her beauty, money and fame, people thought it’d be easier for her to find a man for herself, but she instead sleeps so cold alone at night.

Vivian Tendo: Isn’t she beautiful?

Despite local reports that the ‘Bwolwaawo’ singer was recently engaged to Wakiso Giants FC boss Musa ‘Atagenda’ Ssebulime in a private ceremony, she denied all that.

She disclosed on a local TV show that she’s not in a relationship with anyone, not even the loaded Wakiso Giants boss.

It was also a public secret that Musa bought Vivian a new car, but she instead said that she bought herself the car with her own money.

It’s however believed that she’s bitter with Musa because their relationship ended in tears – he reportedly has so many other women and she didn’t quite like that fact.



In her own words, she’s “single and suffering.”

“I don’t know him (Musa). Nothing is going on between us. Maybe I’m linked to him because I’m a Wakiso Giants supporter.”

That made so much sense until she added: “I don’t know him in any capacity. We’re not even friends. We’re just friends. I’m just a supporter of the team, it doesn’t mean I know the owner.”

That last statement is so petty and suggests they actually had a relationship that maybe just didn’t work out they hoped it would.

This website understands that the singer is entitled to free meals at Purple restaurant that’s connected to Musa and his club, but she stills insists that it’s got nothing to do with Musa.

It doesn’t make so much sense, but yes, she also said that she ‘only goes there to have free meals as a fan’ – as if every Wakiso Giants fan is entitled to free meals at Purple restaurant.


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