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We just met on Facebook and he stole my heart – check your inbox

A Kenyan woman has encouraged single ladies who are searching to ‘be nice’ to guys who send them messages online as she shared her own beautiful story of how ‘she found love in her inbox’.

Lynder Cherono became Facebook friends with Brian Kigen in 2017, and five years later, the virtual connection would lead to their holy marriage.

“He stole my heart so I’m taking his last name,” Lynder posted on her Facebook page, attaching to the post red rose flowers, a diamond ring and a red heart all to symbolize pure love. “Check your inbox y’all,” she added below the post with laughter to express happiness.

Lynder and Brian are now wedded wife and husband after exchanging vows in church over the weekend, and she explained exactly how it all started with a single Facebook message.

It all started with just a message…

“One Saturday, I found this ‘happy Sabbath’ message from him sent at 10:03 am. I replied late but he kept the conversation interesting,” Lynder disclosed, adding that with time as Brian conversed with her, she found it more convenient for her to share with him her her phone contact, even without him asking for it.

Lynder, who had been single for some time revealed that Brian giving her all that attention she missed really turned her on. She said, “He could call me for three hours just ‘vibing’ me. Having been single for some time, this was a whole revolution for me.”

However, it was not all obvious for Brian, as for upto five months of their Facebook friendship, she only kept following and liking his posts, not until he took the bold step to ‘attack her direct – one on one’ in her DM.

Brian was however a bit lucky that the woman loved his posts, he in a way appealed in a way she related with. It was logically easy for her to like him. They hadn’t physically met yet, but they clearly liked each other. They’d fallen in love, so they agreed to meet.

Throughout that time of meeting on Facebook five years ago to their wedding this month, there has been effective communication, selflessness, mutual respect and motivation. Lynder couldn’t wait any longer to get married to his number one supporter.

Have you checked your inbox today?

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