19-year-old boy impregnates his mother while testing love charm on her

Nigeria: Residents in the Delta state have been thrown into panic after a 19-year-old boy reportedly slept with his biological mother and getting her pregnant in the process.

The boy only identified as Ekanem is said to have been testing the potency of his love charm.

Sources in the delta state intimidated that the teenager, a secondary school boarding student had gone to a herbalist to get a love charm so as to use it to sleep with his mother and a matron in his school.

Unfortunately for Ekanem, his incestuous act was exposed when his father suspected that the wife’s pregnancy wasn’t his because he had been away working for a period of time in Port Harcourt.

The man then interrogated his wife and she confessed that a mysterious man who looked like their son came into her room at night and slept with her and she wasn’t herself, while everything was going on.

She later confronted her son after she regained consciousness, but he threatened to kill her if she even told anyone.

While the son was being interrogated after he was arrested, he admitted to the act and claimed he was responsible for his mother’s pregnancy.

Ekanem confessed that he had sexual attraction to his mother and decided to get a love charm to actualize it. Upon getting it, he used it first to sleep with his mother to test if it wasn’t fake but admitted that it wasn’t his intention to impregnate his mother.

“I suddenly found that I was making love to mum when I thought the charm will not work, and upon the revelation, I threatened to kill her and the matter was reported to the police”, he said.

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