Airtel, AAR Health Services, Bluewave Unvail Affordable Health Insurance

Airtel Money Uganda has partnered with AAR Health Services and Bluewave to introduce Ddwaliro Care, a comprehensive and affordable Health insurance cover, specifically tailored to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and families.

In his remarks, the Managing Director Airtel Mobile Commerce Uganda Limited (AMCUL), Mr. Japhet Aritho, affirms that from time to time, AMCUL engages in strategic partners to continuously deliver on its mandate of transforming lives and driving sustainable financial inclusion.


“As part of our mandate to transform lives through the provision of digital financial services and drive sustainable financial inclusion, we continue to engage in strategic partnerships across key sectors and health is one of them.  This strategic collaboration therefore aims at revolutionizing the health insurance landscape by providing affordable, market-relevant, and easily accessible coverage at the fingertips of Airtel Money customers,” he adds.


Christine Nassuna, AAR INSURANCE Managing director said, “this innovation marks the beginning of a new era to ease access to health care without straining the pockets of Ugandans. This partnership is a clear indicator to help people access health insurance and l want to thank Airtel for allowing us to partner with them for this to come through.


The product is cost friendly and the payment is flexible. This initiative is not only accessible and affordable but is also facilitated by AAR’s widespread network, enabling all Airtel customers countrywide to access crucial healthcare services. Ultimately, this collaboration ensures that every Ugandan can access affordable healthcare.”


According to the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (IRA), the uptake of Health Insurance in the country is less than 1% a situation that is blamed on challenges with accessibility as well as the high cost of health care.

The partnership aims to take advantage of the 65% of Ugandans who own a mobile phone with a well-crafted mobile healthcare product Moreover, it is dedicated to extending insurance benefits to millions of Ugandans who have been excluded from such services mainly due to challenges in accessing the products as well as affordability.

“By simply dialing *185*7*6# on the Airtel network, Airtel Money customers will gain access to cashless inpatient coverage for either self, or family (of up to 6 (six) dependents at affordable premiums. The offering will also enable Airtel customers to purchase Inpatient coverage for 3rd parties such as domestic workers, farm workers, or other relatives or friends who cannot afford the cost of Insurance,” explains Mr. Aritho.

Adelaide Odhiambo the group CEO of Bluewave narrates the story of Joseph which shows the brutal reality of how Africans address medical risks. She added that Bluewave’s vision is to help every African rise out of poverty without the burdens of healthcare shocks.

Miriam Nakirya, Bluewave’s Principal Officer and Country Manager went on to say that, “Access to quality affordable Healthcare insurance products for Uganda is now critical, as close to 39.1% of all healthcare costs are painfully out of pocket. Miriam further emphasized that Bluewave is committed to ensuring that every Ugandan and their families have access to quality healthcare services without the burden of hefty medical expenses. Ddwaliro Care has been specially designed to address the now urgent healthcare needs of all Ugandans providing them with peace of mind and financial security during times of illness or injury.”

Benerd Obel, representing the Insurance Regulatory Authority said “This is a significant turning point, making insurance more accessible and pertinent to the broader population. The name Ddwaliro Care embodies a profound commitment to providing care and support to individuals.”

The Product is offered in three options. Ddwaliro Mini will offer customers an Inpatient limit of Shs1,500,000 and a Funeral benefit of Shs1,000,000 per year for self or each of their dependents – up to a maximum of six. Premiums range from Shs 10,000 (customer only) to Shs 70,000 for seven (7) dependents per month.

Ddwaliro Midi will offer customers an Inpatient limit of Shs 3,000,000 and a Funeral benefit of Shs 1,500,000 per year for self or each of their dependents – up to a maximum of six. Premiums range from Shs 14,000 (customer only) to Shs 88,000 for seven (7) dependents per month while Ddwaliro Biggie will offer customers a limit of Shs 5,000,000 and a Funeral benefit of Shs 2,000,000 year for self or each of their dependents – up to a maximum of six with monthly premiums ranging from Shs18,000 (customer only) to Shs 108,000 for seven (7) dependents.

The insurance solutions have been designed to be inclusive, catering to people of all generations, with eligibility being for Airtel customers and their dependents from birth (for a term baby of 38 weeks) to 65 years. Coverage will continue for members who are already on the cover and go beyond 65 years subject to a review. Children above 18 years but below 24 years will be included in the parent’s cover for as long as they still attending school.

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