Airtel Uganda’ Convenient Digital Payment Options to Support Customer Payments as Schools Begin

School fees payments have undergone a remarkable transformation, moving from traditional bank queues to a swift and convenient process. Now, with just a few taps on your phone, you can effortlessly settle your child’s fees from wherever you are – be it at home or work. Embrace the ease and say goodbye to long queues.Below is a guideline on how you can  access school payment via Airtel Money.

Q1: How can one pay school fees on Airtel Money?

Parents or guardians can use either a smartphone or a basic feature phone to make payments directly to participating schools. There’s no need for specific student codes, just a few clicks after *185#, and you’re done.”

Q2: Can I pay school fees using Airtel Money from my village?

Airtel’s widespread network ensures you can access Airtel Money anywhere in Uganda. Just dial *185#, select option 6, and choose from our trusted partners – SchoolPay, SurePay, or PegPay.

Q3: What do school owners need to do to accept fees payments through Airtel Money?

Schools need to complete some basic paperwork, including account opening forms from Airtel, provide National IDs of the Directors, school registration documents, licensing paperwork, and a TIN certificate. And remember, there’s no charge for setting up a Collections account with Airtel Money.”

Q4: How can schools identify which student has paid their fees?

When paying through *185#, parents can add the student’s name or number as a reference. Both parents and schools receive SMS notifications for successful payments, and schools get access to an online system to view payment details.

Q5: What if I accidentally pay to the wrong account?

In case of a wrong payment, contact our customer support immediately at 0800344344 or email for assistance.

Q6: How quickly does the school receive the fees paid through Airtel Money?

Payments are instant. As soon as you get the confirmation message, the school receives the funds.

Q7: Can you briefly explain how to make school fees payments through Airtel Money?

It’s very simple. Dial *185#, select option 6 for School Fees, and pick from SchoolPay, PegPay, or SurePay. Enter the business number, amount, payment reference, and your PIN – and that’s it.

This school fees payment option is not just convenient; it’s a step towards modernizing your daily transactions. For more information on this seamless service that simplifies school fee payments, please feel free to contact the customer care helpline at [Customer Care Number] or visit any Airtel service center.

It is also important to highlight the importance of security. As technology advances, so do the tactics of fraudsters. Please remember, Airtel staff will never ask for your PIN or OTP. Keep this information confidential to protect yourself. The only official Airtel number for company-related information or promotions is 0752600222.

Stay alert, stay safe, and don’t let fraudsters take advantage of you.

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