Airtel Uganda, d.light Uganda Limited Rollout Affordable 4G Smartphones

Airtel Uganda in partnership with d.light Uganda Limited has today launched affordable Smartphones intended to extend access to the opportunities of the internet to many Ugandans.

The announcement was made today at Dlight Uganda Limited-Service Centre in Mukono.

The new offer will enable individuals to access Smartphones on a hire purchase basis with an initial deposit, and then complete the payment in a period of 365 days, which payments are categorized into daily, weekly and monthly amounts.

Mr. Manoj Murali, the Managing Director Airtel Uganda said, “Our partnership with d.light Uganda Limited is timely and will enable more people to access the opportunities of the internet without having to pay upfront for the smartphones.”

He added, “Today, Smartphones are like minicomputers that allow individuals to conduct online businesses. In addition, the device possesses numerous uses and benefits, gradually, these have driven the growth of different sectors in Uganda and globally. We have a duty to extend these possibilities to many Ugandans because they break the barriers to digital inclusion”

The Smartphones under this offer include Nokia, Samsung and Tecno phones. To purchase any of these phones, customers will be required to make an initial deposit (a fraction of the cost of the phone), and complete their payment by making daily, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, and quarterly payments. Whichever suits their financial capability.

In 2021, GSMA, a global association that represents the interests of mobile network operators with over 750 members released a report that highlighted that Uganda had a smartphone adoption of 16%, marked lower than the 30% average for Sub-Saharan Africa.

“The 2021 GSMA report on Smartphone penetration in Uganda presents an opportunity for Airtel Uganda and other sector players to design and introduce products that are affordable so that more Ugandans can access these services, which will change the way people do business, connect, study, and socialise. We are happy to provide that connection,” Murali added.

Mr. Douglas Gavala, Managing Director at, d.light Uganda Limited. “We welcome the partnership with Airtel Uganda which I believe will go a long way in increasing Smartphone penetration in Uganda and across the region, since communication is a key driver of development as it enables businesses to operate effectively and families to connect with their loved ones.”

“d.light Uganda Limited takes pride, in aiding social transformation by collaborating with partners like Airtel Uganda to offer solution-based products and services that improve the livelihood of our people.” Gavala, d.light Uganda MD concluded.

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