An Open letter to Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba

By Muhimbise George

Dear Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

I hope this letter finds you well & sober.

I write to you in my capacity as a Ugandan tax payer, which tax has catered for all of your adult life having lived in state house as your home for the last 35 years. Moreso having occupied a public office for two decades until now when you serve as a Presidential advisor, I believe that I have both the moral & legal authority to write to you.

For that matter therefore, i do not address you as a prince or son of our empror Sabalwanyi Tibubaburwa but rather as a servant of the Ugandan people. I hope you won’t denie being our servant since it’s the trend your commander in chief has taken!

Many times I have followed your Twitter handle & unless am wrong, I would like to believe that you have always tweeted when you are sober & in normal senses. My write up therefore is premised on a belief that am responding to reasonable tweets of a public servant who thinks & scans through before making public utterances controversial or unreasonable as they might be.

Recently you made a tweet in which you referred to the UPDF as your army! In this very tweet the word “my army” featured two times! I can’t tell the type of demon that had possesed you or maybe am wrong, its your army!

Few days later you tweeted that soldiers in UPDF to which you are senior officer do not treat Gen Museveni as their father but instead treat him as their grandfather, you continued to warn that those who think they could use the army against this country were day dreaming.

In this tweet you seemed to insinuate that the army belonged to Museveni & so whoever thought would work against him was day dreaming. You seemed to in a delusionary manner equate Museveni to Uganda that any body working against him would certainly be working against Uganda.

I would like to let you know that this country doesn’t belong to Museveni, neither does Museveni have a single share on it. Uganda was there decades before Museveni, it will continue to be, centuries after Museveni has perished. 45 million Ugandans are more important than Mr Museveni & the day he is out of picture Uganda will continue to rise & shine & business will continue normally.

Mr Kainerugaba, it’s also important to know that you are a Presidential advisor on security. At least even in a situation that you lack credentials of holding that office, respecting the title it holds & avoiding making irresponsible statements in public would save you the embarrassment of looking like an a typical genetically modified general. It would also portray you as someone who cares about the image of the force you purpot to love.

Unapologetically, I wish to give you bad news; that the officers in UPDF whom you are trying to crown or own as a personal army have no interest in your accumulated ego & your unguided ambitions.

The men in uniform unlike you have had to hustle to acquire education & get to where they are. Many even joined the forces as a last resort after failing to make it in other proffessions. Unlike you who has sucked your probosis on state cofers for all your life, the men in uniform have depended on their meagre salaries to make ends meet without any favours.

Unlike you who has been pampered with ranks devoid of merit, many UPDF officers have stagnated at certain ranks for decades with no reward or recognition. The veterans have lived in misery without getting their retirement benefits which your regime henchmen have squandered with impunity, others have been victims of the nepotic tendencies courtesy of your government.

The UPDF you are trying to impose yourself on has nothing to gain in your family rule, they have their own families which also need to live decent lives. The police officers who live in mama ingia pole have nothing to benefit from your personal hallucinations.

The earlier you knew that solidiers joined the forces to serve the country & not your narrow interests, the better you terminated your exergerrated ego!

Actually the solidiers on whose shoulders you want to build your empty political base, thinking that they love or support you could instead be looking to you as the number one stambling block or enemy to their well being & progress. You could be looking at them for your defence when they are thinking of how best they can dismantle you because if a nation can’t help the many who are poor, it can’t save the few who are rich.

In 1905, a colonial commissioner for Western Uganda called George Harry Galt was killed in Ibanda by a one Rutaraka.

Galt had become a buden to the locals who had carried him on their shoulders from Fortportal through Kitagwenda upto Ibanda on his way to Mbarara without rest.

When they reached Ibanda Galt decided to have a rest as they prepared to carry him upto Mbarara, one brave man called Rutaraka (who can as well surface in UPDF) looked at the kind of a burden they had, the mistreatment & impunity with which he was forcing them to carry him moreover in their land, Rutaraka got his sharp nice spear & speared Galt with a deserving one in the chest which ended his life & the rest is history!

Ugandans have carried enough of you on their shoulders, the UPDF has defended you enough, defended your attrocities etc you have not only become a burden but also a bargage to our country.

For you to think that you can own UPDF & perhaps inherit it from Gen Museveni your father is unthinkable.

For you to over eat at the expense of many suffering men in uniform & you start belching at them imposing yourself on them as if you own them is unimaginable!

The men in uniform will not hold your father’s plate as he dines for 35 years & later hold the same plate for you to also dine as if they have no ambitions or interests to protect! The men in uniform are not stupid as you seem to insinuate!


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