Arsenal in 2003/2004: the legendary unbeaten team

The championship of England is considered one of the strongest in the Old World. By the way, all live soccer from the world of this championship is available on the sports statistics site. This is a good opportunity to follow its every match.

Despite the fact that now in the EPL there are several great teams playing at once, hardly anyone will compare them with the legendary “Arsenal” of the season 2003/2004.

This team went down in history as “The Invincibles”. This nickname was given to the team not by accident. Over the whole campaign, consisting of 38 rounds, Wenger’s team has not lost a single match. This is a unique achievement, which no club has yet managed to repeat. The team received a unique EPL Gold Cup for going through the season without a single defeat.

Now it is easy to follow the club’s soccer matches live on the trusted site. As for that team, the fans still remember and love it. This is not surprising, because this team had many stars: 

  • Henry;
  • Bergkamp;
  • Ljungberg;
  • Lehmann;
  • Gilberto Silva;
  • Ashley Cole;
  • Pires;
  • Loren;
  • Kolo Touré.

The list could go on and on. Almost every name is an “Arsenal” legend. At the head of the team was, of course, Arsène Wenger. The “Canoniers” have always performed brilliantly with him, but the mid-2000s was the peak for the Frenchman. Back then, his players demonstrated great and efficient soccer.

What was the fate of the team?

Unfortunately, the period of “Invincibles” was quite short. Yes, the season 2003/2004 came out phenomenal, but in the next campaign “Arsenal” conceded the title to a young and daring “Chelsea” of José Mourinho. By the way, it is easy to find today score football with the “Blues” on the site of sports statistics. 

As for “Arsenal”, its another flashback was a successful performance in the Champions League after a couple of years. Wenger’s team reached the decisive game and, despite the early removal of Lehmann, won for a long time. However, the club missed twice in the end. After that, the “Canoniers” were never close to winning the EPL or much less triumphing in the Champions League. “Arsenal” had funding problems, and it simply could not afford to acquire expensive players. This had an impact on the results. Arsenal’s results “dropped”. As a consequence, after Wenger’s departure the club moved down to the mid-level of the EPL. However, if you follow the matches of the team today, then you can find out all the football score of the matches on the sports statistics website. Here the confrontations with the participation of this club not only in the EPL, but also in other tournaments are covered. This is a good opportunity to follow his progress and always keep your hand on the pulse.

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