Arua crowds beg Bebe Cool to replace Museveni in 2026

The people of Arua City in West Nile, have asked Singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool to stand for Presidency in 2026.

Bebe in company of fellow NRM cadres, Catherine Kusasira and Big Eye were welcomed in Arua City like the late Nelson Mandela as he rallied support and mobilized for Sevo in next year’s presidential elections.

Thousands painted the streets yellow as Gagamel boss cruised through the streets on top of his Black Land Cruiser with his head high. A section of people in the yellow crowd started chanting, ‘Bebe for president’!

However, since the 2021 presidential candidates are already known, the controversial reggae star might think of running for the top office in the near future.

Meanwhile, his nemesis and presidential hopeful, Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has also proved to be a real crowd puller! All his campaign rallies and procession have attracted multitudes of people of all classes.

So far he has combed the all Northern Uganda and indeed he is a threat. His other opponents have been receiving lukewarm reception.

Well, the elections will decide who has more numbers of voters come 2021.

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