Balaam speaks out on being kicked out of Soroti State Lodge by SFC

Events Promoter Balaam Barugahara has dismissed claims that he was kicked out of Soroti State Lodge by Special Forces Command (SFC).

Balaam was reportedly thrown out of Soroti State Lodge by the soldiers from the elite force. Balaam was bounced along with who is also a backbench commissioner of Parliament.

However, responding to the allegations, Balaam said the stories against him were not true and he termed them as fake.

He says, he spent the entire Monday in Kumi district mobilizing support for President Museveni and that Ho Silwany was also in his constituency busy with his campaigns.

“DISREGARD FAKE STORIES circulating on social media of Balaam being kicked out of state Lodge soroti along side Hon Solomon a Parliamentary commissioner . This is not true at all . I have not been to State lodge soroti I spent my entire day in Kumi district mobilizing for President Museveni. I even attended the last Campaign Meeting of Our Party Chairman . HON Solomon his in his Constituency Bukooli central busy with his campaigns,” Balaam said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

“I know the rules of visiting State lodge or State house clearly well . The PPS is solely responsible for fixing and confirming appointments i can’t go there if am not on the PPS list . So the Sfc officers are highly professional service men & Women who can never harass anyone. So dear friends lets focus on hunting for Nrm Votes disregard the paid Fake news aimed at diverting attention . The time now is for vote hunting not visiting Mzee to take Tea . Thank you every one who got concerned from the force , State house and general Public . The Struggle is on we should not be diverted by Negative Fake Online Media agencies and the Hate funders.”

However, sources close to the President explain that Balaam tried to access the president’s residence illegaly prompting the SFC to use force on him.

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