Balunywa ‘Connect Peace and Love’ Concert Set for Independence Day

Promoter Balunywa is set to have the first mega post lockdown major concert.

The famous event promoter announced that the Connect Peace and Love online concert will be happening October 9,2020 Independence Day.

This indeed must be a huge ceremony given the fact that the Promoter is well known for organising massive events in town and it is no surprise that the masses are already excited about it.

‘Connect Peace and Love’ will attract all Ugandan artistes with no limit therefore whoever you are into, this is your event.

The major objective besides refreshing and giving a deserving Independence day is to preach Love and Peace amongst Ugandans who at the moment seem to have been torn into different political camps.

The concert is also anticipated to promote unity and remind Ugandans that despite the current hot political climate, “we are all Ugandans who deserve peace and harmony during after elections.”

The event will have all musicians, DJs and Comedians.

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