Bebe Cool protests use of Mayinja song as NRM official campaign song

Local artiste, Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool, has expressed his displeasure towards some NRM top officials for choosing Ronald Mayinja’s song over his.

Recently, Ronald Mayinja also a local artist, who crossed from the National Unity Platform (NUP) to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) released a campaign song for President Museveni titled Akalulu.

The song praises Museveni for his achievements and rallies Ugandans to vote for him come 2021 general election.

His song was played several times in Munyonyo during the launch of President Yoweri Museveni manifesto endearing him to NRM leaders.

However, Bebe Cool performed in Munyonyo and several guests danced to his Mwongedde Akalulu, a tune with Kiganda  bakisimba beat.

Mayinja released the song after crossing over from the National Unity Platform(NUP) headed by Robert Kyagulanyi. In the song Mayinja heaped praises on Museveni and urged Ugandans to vote for him in the 2021 General elections.

Bebe Cool had also released a song Mwongedde Akalulu but he is dissatisfied by attempts by some of the party officials to make Mayinja’s song the official campaign song and not his.

In an interview with Bukedde TV, a local TV station, Bebe Cool said he was stunned that some NRM officials chose to adore a song of a new party entrant at the expense of his which he said is a sign of inequity

Bebe Cool welcomed Mayinja to NRM but noted that party officials should respect senior cadres.

“I am happy and glad that you brought Mayinja to NRM because we need all those people but you can’t put his song before mine. People are watching and laughing at us. What they did was not right. How could you prefer a song of a new party entrant to that of a loyal cadre who has supported the party for so many years?” Bebe Cool wondered.

He accused the party officials of hypocrisy.

“As a senior cadre of the NRM party, there are many people who know me and not only those who were at the manifesto launch but I want the President to know that there are also several other committed cadres out there who hunt for the President’s vote,” Bebe Cool noted.

He said some of these cadres had sacrificed a lot for the sake of the party but that they were hardly recognized.

“There are some of us who have given the party all our year after year that I have at times put the party before my career and my family. There is a time I couldn’t sing in Kampala and yet that is my main business,”  he said.

Bebe Cool said he had chosen to speak out because he felt hurt and unappreciated.

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  1. Now this explains the true mummy’s boy Bebe cool childish character I have known over years,I remember one day in one song,you were asked to grow up before u turn 40,to me it’s seems u are undergoing a sterile growth in the process of development,and besides,I remark Gilbert Bukenya’s used condoms comment,too sad u have also fallen prey and become one,may be u never read the sign post on the doorway “welcome to NRM”

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