BIG STORY: Another Museveni’s Minister Floored After 5 Days of Vote Counting

The NRM Electoral Commission has declared Jennifer Rwaburibate Muheesi as the winner of NRM primaries for Kazo Woman MP following 5 days of tension.

The race attracted 9 candidates but the contest was between four major ones who include Ann Ruyondo, Jennifer Rwaburibate Muheesi, Ronah Ruranga and Molly Kamukama the State Minister for Economic Planning.

It has taken the NRM electoral commission 5 days to announce the winner since all the major candidates decried irregularities and rigging.

Molly Kamukama, the former PPS who on the polling day had lost, made a come back and was poised to win the race, which her opponents contested.

In fact, reports from Kazo indicated that Ms Kamukama was nowhere in the top three but how she found her way to the top to claim victory is something that rattled all voters in the constituency. Nevertheless she has lost.

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