Bobi Wine should get ready to pay billions for wasting our time – Museveni lawyer

Hussein Kashillingi, one of President Yoweri Museveni lawyers has warned former Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi to tighten his belt since he will have to cough billions of shillings for withdrawing the presidential petition from Supreme Court.

Appearing on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze show on Tuesday, Kashillingi said when the Supreme Court accepts Kyagulanyi’s request, they will in turn send him their bill for the costs.

“We are warming up for the costs, and they are in billions. We will be putting in our bill,” Kashillingi revealed

Bobi Wine on Monday announced that he had instructed his lawyers to file an application to withdraw the petition from supreme court.

“Owiny-Dollo’s court does not look like an institution that will give Ugandans justice.” Bobi Wine told his supporters on Monday.

Bobi Wine further noted that the Supreme Court judges are biased with a pre-determined mind and therefore they will not continue with such a ‘mockery’ of the judiciary.

However, Museveni’s lawyer Kashilingi has trashed Bobi Wine’s allegations saying they are baseless and he has no evidence to back them up thus terming them as just ‘drama’ adding that Bobi Wine should stop fooling Ugandans.

“President Museveni won the election on January 14th. This drama has to end, even series come to an end. Hon. Kyagulanyi’s drama has to come to an end, the country has to move on.” Kashilingi said

Kyagulanyi said that he will now take his case to the public court, but Kashillingi maintained that the public decided already and that was on January 14th, 2021, by going to the polls where President Museveni emerged winner, according to the results that were announced by Electoral Commission.

“They said that President Museveni should lead us for the next five years, when you go to court, you expect to win or lose. There is no draw, the courts don’t become biased because Hon. Kyagulanyi says so,” Kashilingi added

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