Bukedea: Over 30 NRM Youths Cross to NUP

With only 2 days remaining to the 2021 polls,over 30 National Resistence Movement (NRM) youths have crossed to National Unity Platform (NUP),KS corps report.

Confirming the news to Kampala Sqoop, Bukedea County NUP member of Parliament aspirant Stephen Ekoom said as politicians he thought the numerous calls he had been getting from the youths asking him to have a meeting with them,were just the usual calls he gets from the electorates.

“I used to ignore some of their calls thinking, probably some of them were just mocking my party,but something informed my mind that I should go and meet these young people.

On meeting them at Akuoro in Bukedea district,I learned that these youth we’re really bitter with their party they said only feed them with lies.”

“These youths just returned from Luweero from a tour where they were told to be job creators by NRM which annoyed them, because they believe you can’t start a business without capital and that the youth livelihood and Emyoonga are all slow political programs,” Ekoom said.

Ekoom revealed that the group tasked him to explain NUP’s plans for Bukedea youths.

“Being a youthful party we know the plight of the youth and no party understands youth more than us.

As NUP, we shall foster industrialization of the country to create the jobs and also reduce on the unfair interest rates currently entertained by the NRM regime.”

Ekoom poised to the youth that, “Why should someone borrow at 24% from commercial banks yet Bank of Uganda lends to banks at 7%? This is unfair and is the reason there is slow investment and high unemployment in Uganda.”

Kampala sqoop understands that the youth then crossed happily to NUP and will start mobilization for Ekoom and Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu immediately.

One of the team leaders said they have been blindfolded by NRM all that time.

“We thought NRM was a very developmental party,one that could support us but all in vain.

Little did we know that we have been lied to and blindfolded all those years,being filled with empty promises all the time.”

He added,”But after meeting with hon Ekoom,we have realized that we have been wasting our time with NRM when NUP is here for us.Ekoom took us through NUP’s plans and workable strategies for the young people and surely,we touched what we have for a long time been waiting from the so-called-NRM party.”

He further advised the youth to focus on a party, individual candidates who will really walk their talk.

“NRM will never do anything good to you if not only keep telling you to create your own jobs, honestly speaking,if they failed to full fill the promises they made to us all those years,what then makes you think they can this time round?”

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