BUKEDEA: Woman MP Contenders Accuse Anita of Using her Office, Court to block them

Chaos in Bukedea as Female Woman Members of Paliament accuse incumbent MP Anita of blocking them from the 2021 elections.

Led by Merab Amongin,the MP contestants say Anita is using the judiciary to suppress and kick them off the race.

They accuse Anita of fronting her political ambition at their expense.

One of the the Contenders Merab Amongin told Kampala Sqoop that Anita has been at the forefront of spoiling their names so as to come out as an unopposed.

Amongin further accuses Anita for using President Museveni’s name to confuse the People of Bukedea saying he wants her to come unopposed.

“Anita is now using the judicial process for her political gains because she wants to come out is now crystal clear that people don’t want her and are ready to vote even a goat instead of her.

Amongin said all the cases they are batling with are staged by Anita to fail them from achieving their goals.

“The judgement on my appeal was scheduled for 12/10/2020,the same day of nomination so that they fail my nomination.

She  has also framed a case against Akol who is contesting with her, so literaly, all women who are contesting with Anita have cases to answer an they are emphatic that it’s the president who wants her unopposed ,am now believing there’s something the president knows about the problems people of bukedea are facing,” she said.

When contacted by our reporter,Hon Anita Among denied the allegations saying she  is not aware of them.



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