Busabala NRM supporters run back to Bobi after receiving only Shs400,000 from NRM

There is panic in the NRM party secretariat after what happened at the officiating of the party officers in Busabala over the weekend. Attempts had been made to send out a message that NRM has ‘conquered’ Bobi’s base.

Earlier, the NRM party which seeks to trim the influence of Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine in the Busabala centre resolved to open up offices in the area.

The event was flanked by elderly NRM party supporters and some youths who had been mobilized with the influence of UGX 5,000 for each.

The event began in a calm atmosphere as highly expectant crowds anticipated the arrival of either the NRM party secretary general, Justine Kasule Lumumba or Kenneth Omona. The organizers of the event wanted to send out a message that Bobi Wine who owns a beach in the area is less influential.

To their disgruntlement, the party dispatched a very junior representative of Kasule Lumumba to preside over the function as the Guest of Honour.

The crowd first endured the arrival of this less known junior representative but hell broke loose when he disbursed an envelope containing only UGX 400,000 far less than what the organizers had spent on making the event colourful.

All who had been praising Mr. Museveni and his party started cursing and the function ended in a pandemonium.

“Quite often, about 10% of the money “officially” sent for such arrives! There’s a cascading system of “cutting off” pieces as it’s processed and taken to beneficiaries. The NRM cancer must be urgently stopped. It’s now a duty for every Ugandan to do whatever they can to put an end to this,” writes Dr. Besigye in a post where he attaches the footage of the NRM Busabala ruckus.

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