Buy enough coffins! Jinja RCC vows to kill all NUP ‘hooligans’

Maj. David Matovu, the newly posted Resident City Commissioner (RCC) for newly operationalized Jinja City, has advised parents to buy coffins for their children if they ever plan to go participate in any political-related demonstrations or riots.

Matovu, who will be serving besides Deborah Mwesigwa the RDC Jinja District having replaced Eric Sakwa, says no single political demonstration, however peaceful, will ever be permitted for as long as he is the area RCC for Jinja City.

He was speaking at his inauguration in Jinja where he urged members of the business community and cultural institutions leaders to support his activities aimed at pacifying Jinja while ridding it of all Kyagulanyi NUP remnants whose youthful appetite to riot, he said, is very high.

The retired army Major called on parents to ensure their children never leave home to participate in political confrontation and riots but if they must, let them buy coffins first so that as your son or daughter walks out of the home to go for the Kyagulanyi or NUP-related riots, they carry their coffin as well because for as long as he is the big man (read RCC) for Jinja, no such rioters will ever return home in one piece.

Lutheran Church’s Bishop Charles Isabirye Bameka, who led the dedication prayer, emboldened Maj Matovu by calling on parents to teach their children the dangers of political radicalism which he said runs counter to the Biblical teachings which require humans to be obedient to those God places in positions of political authority.

This is how Matovu, who NUP Busoga Coordinator Moses Bizitu has advised to buy his coffin instead, put his message during his inauguration speech: “I don’t want to see such [political] riots in Jinja City. It will really be treason and whoever will be involved should carry a coffin on their head and keep it nearby as they protest on the major highways because it will end in tears for their families and loved ones.” Matovu said the NRM government has initiated a lot of developments aimed at transforming Uganda adding that no traitors or economic saboteurs will be tolerated in Jinja for as long as he serves there as head security for the new City.

But NUP’s Busoga regional coordinator Bizitu says as long as there are issues that require demonstrating against, the youths of Busoga and Jinja won’t hesitate exercising their freedom of expression within the Constitution to hit the streets and stage their protest. The NUP diehard says that Maj Matovu’s murderous utterances and threats clearly show that the new RCC is full of rural excitement and didn’t even have induction training about the requirements of his job.

He says that, unless he behaves and learns from Eric Sakwa’s sad ending, the Kyabazinga boys will teach the new RCC a lesson he will never forget.

Sakwa, who has since been dropped from the entire RDC service and everyone these days avoids him like a leper, used to talk tough and took no prisoners in his approach to the conduct of public affairs in Jinja.

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