Centenary Bank’s 5 FOR Five Jackpot Cash Excites Winners in Regions Across Uganda

Over 120 Centenary Bank customers in all the regions across Uganda have received cash prizes through the bank’s ongoing cash reward campaign dubbed 5 FOR 5 Jackpot, which has also seen 24 bank staff appreciated for transacting using digital channels. Residents in the Eastern and Northern were excited by the cash rewards, with many encouraging their families and friends to use the bank’s digital channels for a chance to win the money up for grabs.

Tears of joy filled the atmosphere of Gulu City as university student Innocent Edgar Otto received his cash prize from Beatrice Lugalambi, the General Manager Corporate Communications and Marketing Centenary Bank. Otto who resorted to business in Gulu to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic, received Shs.100,000 for using the bank’s CenteAgents while making transactions for his business.

“It warms my heart for my bank to reward me for using its digital banking platforms. The business I run in Gulu City heavily depends on these channels since its exhausting to line up in order to bank the profits made in a day. I normally just use a CenteAgent to send this money to my account,” he said.

Omaset Fredrick from Tororo district and Khabusi Joseph Watsomu from Mbale district were among the first winners in the promotion from Eastern Uganda. An excited Watsomu expressed delight after receiving his cash reward at a time when money is hard to come by. The Mbale City resident urged everyone to embrace the 5 FOR 5 Jackpot campaign.

“I am very grateful and happy that I have been rewarded for transacting using the CenteMobile App. I have used Centenary Bank for a very long time and it has made my life easy. Lately, I have been doing my business transactions with the CenteMobile App. Thank you Centenary Bank,” an elated Watsomu said.

“I would like to appreciate our Eastern and Northern region customers for embracing and aggressively taking part in the 5 FOR 5 Jackpot reward campaign. It is exciting to give back to our customers for transacting conveniently using the bank’s digital banking channels. I therefore, encourage every Ugandan to take part in this campaign and journey. The 5 FOR 5 Jackpot is a revolution like no other, one that you ought to embrace,” said Lugalambi.


Watsomu Joseph Mbale
Omaset Fedrick Tororo
Innocent Otto Gulu
Okumu Ogen Reagan Gulu
Ojok Samuel Apac
Kimutai Phillip Paidha
Amia Elijah Paidha
Ogen Rwot Gulu
Tenywa Solomon Iganga
Wanyana Rachel Iganga
Twongeire David Tororo
Ndakabi Isa Iganga

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