Centenary Bank’s commitment to Fight Cancer in Uganda

Centenary Bank has for the past 11 years joined forces with Rotary Uganda in ending the lack of access to medical care for cancer in Uganda. Through the annual Rotary Cancer Run, Centenary Bank has contributed close to Shs2 billion shillings over the years.

In 2011, the Rotary Cancer Run began with less than 100 participants.This was the start of a campaign that would see Ugandans raise funds for a cause that would mean seeing a decrease in the rise of deaths associated with failure to treat and manage cancer.

Fabian Kasi, the Managing Director Centenary Bank (center), PDG Steven Mwanje (3rd Left), Dr. Andrew Ssekitoleko (2nd Right) the CEO St. Francis Hospital Nsambya and Rotary Officials present the kits during the launch of the 11th edition of the Rotary Cancer Run.

From the first run, there has been a rise in the subsequent years both in the number of participants and donations.

From the cancer-run marathons, the first aim to raise awareness about cancer was accomplished as close to 40,000 Ugandans from over 50 towns are aware and have joined in on the cause too.

This year, at the announcement of the return of the Cancer Run, it was revealed that the success of the past Cancer Run marathons is evident with the different facilities currently in place at Nsambya Hospital and Mengo Hospital. Currently, Nsambya Hospital is fully equipped with a cancer treatment center with a 36-bed capacity while Mengo Hospital has a blood bank set up.

In addition to this, in a bid to raise awareness, we have done cervical cancer screening for over 10,000 women during family health days, cancer parades aimed at driving cancer awareness, produced cancer reading materials for patients and caretakers of cancer patients, as well as organized family health days to ensure early checkups and detection, in over 70 districts.

The ambition and zeal that Centenary Bank had 11 years ago while it partnered with Rotary Uganda is still strong given that this year the bank committed Shs150 million towards the goal of constructing bunkers that shall house linear accelerator machines used in the treatment of cancer.

The intention of Rotary Uganda is to have bunkers in all the 5 regions in the country which will effectively lead to efficient cancer treatment centers.

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