Chips vendor inspires citizens after constructing a 3-bedroomed house

A woman has inspired citizens after sharing her journey to owning a home which culminated in her now lovely three-bedroomed house.

The lady, identified as Maria Nairesiaey said she started building her house in 2011 and after nine years of sheer determination, she finally completed her beautiful abode.

Sharing the milestone on the popular Facebook group House Dreams and Building Forum, Maria said she constructed her beautiful home from the income from her chips vending business.


“I wish to encourage someone today. Never give up on your dream however small/big they seem to be. This dream took me nine years to accomplish. Started construction 2011 finished 2020. Three-bedroomed ensuite. Income: selling chips and a great desire to own my house,” she said.

How she did it

Maria explained she found a trusted hardware trader with whom she came to an agreement that she would send money bits by bits and after it reaches a certain amount, she would buy building materials until its completion.

“Whenever the account ran dry, I would take a break, save and then resume construction,” she said.

The determined woman also relocated her chips business to near a club and as such, it became a 24-hour enterprise and she would thus make more money.

She said she learnt the discipline of saving by keeping a minimum of Shs50,000 daily and ensuring no debts tagged along to the next day.

The home-owner said her house had cost her Shs135 million by the time she finished building it in 2020.

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