Don’t Mix Music with Politics-Luweero’s Top Singer Silver O Advices Artists

Politics is taking a new twist in Africa as the youth claim to take the power in their hands. Politics is indeed a dirty game! As elders have always portrayed it.

It can be true, maybe not! Well, there’s been an escalating rate at which young talented artists have shunned music for politics and “when such artists go through, do they still do music?” Well, that remains a top issue to be expounded on.

On the other hand, Africa has for the last few years seen its political landscape been dominated by high profile changes of leaders and governments, this could actually be God’s calling and may be there’s need not to blame singers who turn into politicians if the course is for the better.

“But do changes of leaders and governments generate more democratic and responsive governments?” one may be forced to ask,well,the best question here would actually be, do singers make good transformative leaders who bring about development or they actually need to earn more fame to their names?

The big question could really be, what impression does the singer turned politician leave to the upcoming artists who want to develop their musical careers while disapproving to the World the well-known differences between leading lights.

Kampala Sqoop’s Benjamen Emuk met up with Luwero’s finest upcoming artiste Silver O and sheds more light on how Politics kills Music.

Would you please introduce yourself?

I am Ivan Kirumira second born in a family 8 in Luweero to Mr Samuel Kasule and Mrs Prossy Nakku in December 25,1996.

Why the name Silver O?

I decided to Choose Silver O as my stage name because as you know, Silver is one of the Precious minerals and I believe I am exactly that, and to connect it to music, I’ve got a mature lyric content which does not tarnish anyhow.

When did you realize you are good to go musically?

Well, if I am to take you back, it all started way back in 2018 in Luwero High School when I was elected as the Music and Drama Prefect.

How did it go with your Parents when they realized that you were in to music?

Haaah!they didn’t take it in easily at first,but later realized I was doing good.They came to understand that music is what I wanted to do for life that’s when they started supporting me.

Actually,they encouraged Fitz,my manager who is also my elder brother to support me financially and here I am today.I am proud of them.

Reggae, Hip hop, Dancehall or something different…

I strictly do R&B and I believe it’s deep inside my bone marrow. I may actually mix in some other genre with time.

Music and Politics, can the two go together smoothly?

No, not at all, trust me combining music with politics totally destroys one’s musical career. Once an artist joins politics, his or her mind will be in it for most of the time and music slowly dies out as a result.

Silver O believes Politics kills one’s musical career.

Maybe for financial support but for effective representation, I wouldn’t advise any singer to get involved in politics since it’s associated with conflicts resulting from open communication.

What challenges are you facing in this singing career?

As a young artist, I go through a lot of hardships to come up with a project. First of all, there are stiff financial constraints involved in this industry.

Usually, every singer more so upcoming are affected by high costs of production because recording audios and videos are really expensive, a thing barring most musicians from fulfilling their dreams.

It’s now two years down the road, what do you pride in, any song so far?

It’s not been easy though, but I can at least say I am going in the right direction. I have nice tunes to my name including ‘Jangu Eno,’ ‘Watuuka’ and ‘My Share.’

Are you under any music label or management?

Yes, I am actually signed under Fitz Management owned by my brother Alex Fitz, Manager Petro city Uganda Limited.

Any artist in Uganda you would love to do a music project with?

Ohhh! I have quite many; Vivian Tendo tops my list, followed by Spice Diana, Cindy, Sheebah, David Lutalo, Latinum, Kapacat and eish! The list is quite endless. I pray one day I can meet with them and see a way forward.

Would you consider the industry supportive enough for upcoming artists?

Yes, it’s more than supportive to hundreds of upcoming artists out there; it’s just that young people don’t seem to appreciate the fact that the music industry in Uganda is very ripe, waiting for them to tap into it.

I love to show my respect to all the big shots in the industry because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be talking of Ugandan music and new comers in the industry wouldn’t find it any easy at all.

How would you describe your love for music?

OMG! My love for music is beyond just love, I call it life. If it was food, then I would have no other option than to feed on it every single day. I honestly don’t know how to best describe it but surely, it’s an expression of emotions indicating innovativeness, being creative and talented.

Are you in any relationship or you can actually explain?

Ohh! That’s actually confidential bro.

Which Female artist do you have a crush on?

OMG! I love Spice Diana, she is all what any man would want to have and she is not only beautiful but has got talent as well. She is a respectful lady, kind and tender. She dwells happiness in reaching out to the needy. Spice is indeed my number one crush.

Silver O says singer Spice Diana is his everyday crush.

Where do we see Silver O in the next 5 years?

That will actually be up to my fans and followers as you know, they are the ones who can either decide to put me on top or down.

Any message to the fans

I would love to appreciate all my fans and not just my fans but every music lover out there for the overwhelming support shown they have shown to me, please keep up the spirit. Love you all.

Remember to follow me on all my social media platforms; Silver O Music on Facebook, Silver O on Twitter and kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel Silver O so as to see what’s cooking for you.

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