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Drama as bride-to-be disappears with wedding money

A Nigerian man with the Twitter handle DECIDER@SpendoGustavo has revealed how his uncle’s wife- to- be disappeared with money meant for the preparation of their wedding ceremony.

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In a tweet on Wednesday, September 23, the man shared that his uncle deposited a sum of 2m Naira (About shs19 m) into his fiancée’s account.

The money was meant to cover their wedding ceremony expenses and he had sent it into her account for safekeeping so that he doesn’t misuse it with other expenses.

The lady in question is alleged to have instead used the money to process her visa and travelled out of the country immediately.

This tweet attracted a lot of attention from Twitter users who had much to debate about.

Some Twitter users blamed the man for the misfortune that had befallen him. One user wrote, “The man is very irresponsible. Doesn’t he have an account where he would have kept the money?”

“How on earth can you trust a human being with your hard-earned money, knowing well that even me I don’t trust myself with my own money,” another added.

“How can you trust someone you are not yet married to? Remember, we don’t trust even our wives to that extent,” another user added.

One twitter user went ahead and gave advice by saying, “Never use someone’s account before you make them officially your spouse, otherwise, he has no case, she didn’t steal, she used the money he put in her account willing and under no duress.”

Other Twitter users instead advised the man to look at it as a blessing in disguise as it would have been worse he had proceeded with marrying her.

“Consider it a blessing in disguise, its better that she has shown her true colours earlier, maybe she would have done something worse than that after you have tied the knots. Can you imagine dealing with divorce and robbery?” one user commented.

“The guy should appreciate not risking marrying that girl cause may be she could bring more disaster in their marriage… it was a way of God separation from the evil. Better a broken relationship than a broken marriage, thank God she revealed her character before you settled,” another added.

Of late, Twitter has become a social media platform where people share their life experiences of which the controversial ones seem to attract a heated debate.

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