Each family to recieve 1M from Gov’t – Nabbanja

The Prime Minister of the republic of Uganda, Robinah Nabbanja has revealed that each family is capable of receiving the UGX 1m funds to be distributed by the government through the Parish Development Model (PDM) program.

“We shall give UGX 1 million to every head of a family through the SACCOs,” the Prime Minister disclosed on NBS TV.

On whether or not the implementation of the PDM has been well thought, Nabbanja recounted that when the NRM CEC sat down to come up with a program that will benefit the people at the grassroots, they came up with the PDM.

“We have formed Parish Committees to monitor and track the program. We have structures from the Parish level to the top level. We are going to put a SACCO in every parish,” Nabbanja said.

“We called our Members of Parliament and educated them about this program (PDM). They will pass on the knowledge to their people.”

“We have invested in data collection. We have people from UBOS who are capturing data in communities. This will help us in future planning.”

Nabbanja explained that the difference between the original SACCOs and the PDM SACCOs is that the latter SACCOs are at the parish and get money straight from the government.

She said: “NAADs and Operation Wealth Creation brought seeds to the people, but with the PDM, one goes to the SACCO, gets money, buys the seeds, and plants them.”

“For Emyooga, we have been giving money to people in SACCOs where they all have the same expertise and doing the same job. Like boda bodas.”

Nabbanja clarified that all the earlier program is still running. She added, “This time, we are focusing on household income, and we are going to invest in that heavily.”

“We have a PDM Secretariat, and we are going to send ministers to go find out whether the program is functional. I want Ugandans to know that we want this program to succeed,” Nabbanja affirmed.

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