EC guard shot as police fire live bullets to dissolve Bobi Wine supporters

Bullets and teargas are the order of the morning in Kayunga where the National Unity Platform party presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert is to have his campaign.

The Electoral Commission’s lead guard given to Bobi Wine, ASP Kato’s eye has been shot and Bobi Wine’s producer, Daniel Oyerwot alias Producer Dan Magic’s face was shuttered.

“Dan Magic was seated next to me when he was shot,” Bobi Wine said. “I believe their intent was to shoot at me,” he adds.

However, Bobi Wine has faulted the electoral commission for ignoring this continued torture and disruption of his campaigns from day one.

The peaceful rally has descended into violence after police with military backing started firing live bullets and teargas to disperse the gathering NUP supporters.

The injured persons are currently receiving treatment from Nazigo health centre in Kayunga as they await to be evacuated to Kampala for proper treatment.

Bobi Wine has also promised to continue with his campaign trail

Details to follow

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