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Events promoter Bajjo legalizes his bonking sessions, leaves Full Figure speaking in parables

Events promoter Alfonso Andrew Mukasa also known as Bajjo is Off the Shelf after being introduced by his new catch Leah Nyunja to her parents.

It is sad news to all the single ladies who have been eyeing Bajjo of Bajjo Clear process as he chose out of the many.

The two had been secretly dating for almost six months when the babe introduced Bajjo to her family.

The colorful ceremony took place at Kiggo in Wakiso district on Saturday (November 28, 2020).

Bajjo and Leah’s function clarifies that his alleged wife, the presidential adviser, Jennifer Nakangubi alias Full Figure is left in tears as she has been proclaiming to be Bajjo’s wife.

The couple was escorted by a bunch of close friends.

The couples’ function clarified that his alleged wife, the presidential adviser, Full Figure was left in tears as she has been proclaiming to be Bajjo’s wife.

The lovely couple looked amazing and extremely smart for the occasion that they had spent several days warming up for and without a doubt it was a blast.

A friend to the couple said that although the function was organised like an introduction ceremony, it was a visit to Leah’s Aunt their first step in legalising their marriage.

The introduction and wedding are soon to happen.

However, this did not go well with his purported ex-girl Jennifer Full Figure who scoofed at Bajjo for his decision to dump her for another lover thereby reminding him how she is more beautiful than his new wife and gifted with gap teeth.

As she is famously known for not accepting defeat, Full Figure through her socials has shared an insight about her beauty that Bajjo Clear Process will miss after dumping her for another chic.

“Am beautiful and I know it nze alina akazigo ?,-“- bragged Jennifer Full Figure.

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