EXCLUSIVE: Why Juliana Kanyomozi’s Concert was ‘Boundless’

Juliana Kanyomozi might not be the hardest rock on her albums but her fans saw what really happened, live. Not only her new songs which are played on radio and TV stations pass by but her old hits surpass the extra-ordinary mark, they go beyond boundaries.

Yes, to some of the Ugandans, it’s only old people who love Juliana’s music but no, whoever thinks so, is wrong, “we all like Juliana,” said a group of young ladies and gents in the house. We all know that we “should” like Kanyomozi. Yeah, yeah, she was and still is an iconic musician but wasn’t she just one of these artists that should have retired sometime during the 20s?

No. Definitely, not.

Kampala Sqoop’s Emuk Benjamen observed that the moment Juliana hit the stage at the Serena Conference Center, Victoria hall to be exact, at her ‘Boundles Concert’ which happened like never expected, the crowd that gathered at Serena might have come to see 5-hours show to mars the Friday evening, forgot that the ‘STRONG WOMAN’ on stage could have been their mum but she was dazzling and rocking, and sexy… real signs of true legend!

If you are 18 and above, let’s grab beer and start the discussion. To start with, do you even agree Juliana’s Boundless Concert was the Best Uganda has ever had, waiting for a long time? Well, let me make you understand why.

The beautiful Juliana preforming.

It was that one moment of silence when the lights went off just to usher in the lady in white to the stage, we saw Juliana dressed like an angel, you’ll know how angels are, beautiful, she went straight to business, a thing that gathered the rich, kids of the rich, celebs and top socialites in town to Serena, that was her concert. The AfroBeat and RnB singer kicked off the performance with her ‘Kanyimbe’ hit before taking fans and music lovers straight to her ‘Excess Love,’ dose.

One could witness that her fans and music lovers really loved every step she took, a clear indication that they really missed this beauty. She would later on do justice to her hits ‘Tobanakutya,’ ‘Mundeke’ and ‘I am still here,’ back-to-back before nailing Lucky dube’s cover song ‘That’s The Way It Is,’ she went on to mashup her ‘Zaabu’ and ‘Njagala Ondage Mukwano’ and ‘Diana’ and invited Aziz Azion, on stage as she paved way for breathing space.

On her return, Juliana showed up barefooted, clad in a black shiny dress, as if she were done with God’s work as an angel and now back to witness whether the crowd had obeyed the musical teachings, her voice, different voices by the way, messages in her songs carried meaning. She did ‘Woman,’ a song she dedicated to all the Women in the Country and “most especially to my Mum,” she said.

She would later on invite Sweet Kid and this is where you need to put your glasses in the right lenses, it was a moment even the dying soul would first wake up just to see the long lost Sweet Kid do justice to their timeless hit song ‘Silina’ featuring the incredible queen of Tooro, as some call her (Juliana Kanyomozi).

On the band side, there was one guitarist, one bass player and a drummer, for luck of better words, classic and rock is what we can call the band arrangement, one mistake and you are sent to hell. They did more than they had prepared to achieve.

At some point in time, Juliana invited Lora,the one she called her ‘daughter’ and Siima to do a love song  which she said was her dad’s favorite. Mummy, do you still remember this song, it was Daddy’s favorite,” Kanyomozi reminded her Mum.

She later on did ‘Kibaluma,’ a song that sent all those in attendance to a world they had to think, was one without trouble, problems and suffering, they only realized later, wait…listen, this is the moment you need to grab whiskey for it was the time she went on singing with the crowd and you can never imagine what happened when she got to her fans near the exit, it was time for her to exit the venue.

The lights went off and this time round, it was all over, I am talking about 10:55pm, rear time to end the show but according to the event organizers Swangz Avenue under Buzz events, it was the right time for her to end the show.

It was full 2 hours of energetic performance from Juliana, let me not say she disappointed those in attendance but it was really a sad moment when the drums fed away as fans still wanted her energy even if she slowed it down.

Part two of this story is coming up!

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