Fashion: Turkish Leading Store LC Waikiki Opens First Branch in Uganda

Uganda is really lucky,in fact,blessed is the closest word to use.

As the World is still grappling with the novel covid19 pandemic aftermath and with those who understand what high quality fashion is, of course Turkey and Italy being best in the game traders were missing out as they were travel bans to different destinations Turkey being one of them,LC Waikiki the world’s leading fashion retail brands, decided to favour Uganda and opened its first store at Acacia Mall in Kampala.

Opening this store makes Uganda the second country in East Africa where LC Waikiki expands its brand as part of its Africa growth strategy and in line with its mission ‘Everyone Deserves to Dress Well’.

The retail giant is currently operating in 47 countries, 312 different cities in 3 continents and has almost 50,000 employees. Uganda is the latest country to join their portfolio. Entry into the Ugandan market is seen as a step towards increasing LC Waikiki’s footprint in Africa.


The brand’s target is to have more than 1500 stores all over the world by the end of 2023.

LC Waikiki has set the goal of affordable fashion beyond Turkish borders by connecting with various cultures in different markets. They are committed to providing customers from all age groups with products that are suitable for their style and budget.

The grand opening of the Ugandan flagship store had various guests in attendance including Kerem Alp, The Republic of Turkey’s Ambassador to Uganda.

Founded in 1988, LC Waikiki continues to grow for 32 years both in Turkey and abroad. It opened its first store outside Turkey in 2009 in Romania, and since then has expanded rapidly across the globe.

LC Waikiki has been serving under the roof of LC Waikiki Retail since 1997 with the mission “Everyone deserves to dress well” and “accessible fashion” approach in Turkey.

As the leader in ready-to-wear industry, LC Waikiki serves with its 49,434 employees and over 1000 stores in 46 countries.


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