FDC fails to field candidate for Kumi LC5 Seat

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change – FDC in Kumi district has failed to present a candidate for the LC5 seat race.

The two candidates that the party presented for nomination were all rejected by the Electoral Commission.

At first the party presented Robert Odiope who later turned out to be lacking certified papers that could allow him to be nominated for the position of LC-5 chairperson this according to the returning officer Kumi Betty Atim Owot.

This prompted the party to react swiftly and hand-picked another candidate, James Oluka, however he too was not nominated.

“FDC presented a candidate for nomination but has failed to produce necessary requirements of Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education UACE, or its equivalent as required by the law. The second candidate James Oluka did not have enough signatures of the supporters as also required by law,” said Owot.

Owot said by law, a candidate is required to raise at least 50 registered voters from each of at least two thirds of electoral areas, sub county or division, in this case 600 signatures needed for any candidate from the 12 sub counties that constitute Kumi district but Oluka only managed to get 140 signatures of supporters and he could not be nominated.

Abdallah Ebokorait Ebok the FDC Chairperson Kumi admitted that the party could have undermined verifying the academic papers of candidates internally in which they could have avoided such. He says this has left the party in shock.

All other parties had their candidates nominated including NRM, FDC, NUP and UPC.

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