Fire Spitting Basajjamivule exposes more rot in People Power, promises to crash Bobi Wine

After weeks of hurling insults at leaders and supporters of the National Unity Platform (NUP), political commentator, Basajja Mivule Bwadenne has done what many had suspected he would: join the ruling National Resistance Movement.

Mivule revealed his decision in a press conference held this morning at Eureka Hotel in Ntinda, saying that after former president Col. Kiiza Besigye decided to quit the 2021 presidential race, he decided to offer support to President Museveni in the forthcoming general elections.

On August 4 2020, Mivule was unveiled by Bobi Wine as a fully accomplished member of the NUP and handed a membership card in the full glare of press cameras.

“I Basajja Mivule refuse that and ask of every Ugandan to join me. If you cannot, this wave is a pressure group that stands without agenda, no knowledge of fiscal policy with evil motives supported from the Gay (homosexuality) world and other foreign bankers who don’t want Uganda to be a strong and prosperous nation” he said.

He added that he quit People/NUP because they are characterized with the use of vulgar language, Drug abuse, Homosexual acts amongst them. He asked “I want to stretch that (national unity platform) NUP lacks competence in this field, with no fundamental structures! How then will they run Uganda?”

A veteran in journalism field campaigned for Museveni saying that Ugandans should support not neither should they trust their country with the incompetent if they want to see Uganda stable again with stability for people and all political ideology tolerance.

“For the above reasons I Basajja Mivule therefore announce my support to Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in the coming presidential election” he declared adding that, “l will support president Museveni this time until someone comes out to prove him wrong.”

On allegations that he defected to NRM for money, Mivule responded ” I inform Ugandans and your Excellency Gen. YK Museveni that no amount of money can buy me. But through your son Balaam Barugahara supported me with a double cabin pick up and a fuel card.”

Mivule according to sources is said to have been in contact with several big wigs in NRM who wooed him into accepting to switch sides.

The TV host came to the fore when he was arrested last month following a video in which he lambasted westerners and seemed to suggest they are land grabbers.

After his release, NUP handlers snapped him and he was unveiled together with a litany of artistes.

Mivule then started speaking in tongues, first castigating People Power supporters for being only vocal on social media and later on claiming Bobi Wine will never be president.

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