First 2024 Singleton Chef Versus Event Sold Out

Kampala foodies have made a very loud statement. The highly anticipated first Singleton Chef Versus event of 2024 has announced a sold-out status.


The organizers of the event that is slated for this Saturday April 20th, at the plush Salama Springs in Bugolobi, have announced that all tables have been booked out, and the few remaining seats were also paid up by yesterday.


This clearly emphasized that the event which offers a unique and delicious treat for food lovers and whisky connoisseurs alike, will live to its billing as an unforgettable culinary extravaganza, a feast for all the senses that will leave guests craving for more.


The Chefs

Who are the Chefs responsible for the first Singleton Chef Versus event of 2024?

Two renowned top Ugandan chefs- Angelo Katto Mwesiga aka Chef Angelo and Hannat Nabadda Nakayemba aka Chef Hannat, are the names set to dazzle guests with their culinary masterpieces that they will infuse with the world’s leading single malt whisky- The Singleton.


Chef Angelo: Angelo Katto Mwesiga, affectionately known as Chef Angelo, has journeyed from a humble kitchen to the forefront of culinary innovation.


Chef Angelo’s culinary journey started off in his university dormitory, where his passion for preparing meals for friends flourished into a fully-fledged career aspiration.

Transitioning from economics to culinary management, Chef Angelo’s determination saw him rise from a waiter to a pastry chef in Malaysia within a remarkable six months.


At the Singleton Chef Versus Challenge, Angelo is set to showcase his culinary prowess, infusing Singleton malt whisky into each course with creativity. When asked about how he will be incorporating the Singleton in his menu, Angelo simply promised a symphony of flavors throughout the showdown.


“As chefs, we are called to infuse almost anything into our meals albeit creatively.  Come Saturday, I will show food lovers how to creatively curate delicious meals with Singleton as one of the key ingredients. It will not be an easy feat, because alcohol naturally evaporates when exposed to heat, but the magic will be in how to maintain the flavors all the way into the final product,” he said.


“I am excited about raising the bar of this event, challenging chefs and event organizers to create a vibe around the culinary arts,” Chef Angelo added.


Chef Hannat

Hannat Nabadda Nakayemba aka Chef Hannat, has been the driving force behind The Food Library for nearly a decade, where her culinary brilliance shines in every dish.


Motivated by the philosophy that “a chef is only as good as their last meal,” Hannat’s journey to culinary greatness began at a young age, culminating into her enrolment at Capsicum Culinary School in South Africa.


Under the mentorship of esteemed chefs like renowned ‘Salt Chef,’ Craig Cormack and Bertuss Berlín, Hannat mastered the delicate balance of flavors and textures.


Come Saturday, Chef Hannat will dazzle her fans with a menu she meticulously crafted for the Singleton Chef Versus event. The most special part of this menu is that it will deeply complement and enhance the flavors of The Singleton whisky.


“I encourage all guests to come with an open mindset, for I will be looking forward to hearing their reactions and thoughts on the different menu items. 3 courses, from the two of us; this is going to be good,” she remarked.


With Chef Angelo and Chef Hannat at the wheels of this culinary experience, guests can expect a burst of different flavors, delight and culinary mastery, making the Singleton Chef Versus event a must-attend for food enthusiasts and aficionados alike.

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