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Full Video: Police Officers Caught on Camera Stealing Alcohol from City Bar

KENYA: A CCTV footage has emerged of six police officers breaking into a bar in Kayole’s Soweto area before allegedly stealing alcohol.

Moses Mwangi, the owner of Mossy Tavern Bar and Restaurant, said the incident was captured on surveillance cameras on Sunday night.


In the CCTV footage, the men in uniform are seen taking turns to break into the entertainment joint using metallic rods before one of them heads directly to the counter and carts away crates of alcohol.

Mwangi said the officers raided the business premises after the operators closed as per curfew rules.

“We had already closed by 9pm Sunday to comply with the government’s regulations on operating hours for bar and restaurants when the uniformed police officers broke into my bar and carted away crates of alcohol and money stored in a safe box,” said Mwangi.

According to the businessmen, the officers left the joint at around 1am on Monday.

He claims he lost Ksh112,000 and a smartphone that he had left in the counter box.

Reports also indicate that the officers breached the privacy of three patrons, who had lodged in three rooms adjacent to the bar.

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