Goalkeeper scoring goals for fun – forever unforgettable!

As a football fanatic, you most probably have heard about Brazilian goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni who scored over 100 goals in his career.

Rogerio Ceni scores from a free-kick

Or, have you heard about the Paraguayan, Jose Luis Chilavert? The only internationally recognised goalkeeper in history to have ever scored a hat trick. He once also scored a free-kick from his own half.

Jose Luis Chilavert: the free kick master

Colombian, Rene Higuita – always remembered for that scorpion kick save against England is to this generation the most relevant of such special or rather ‘insane’ goal-scoring goalkeepers.

Higuita scored over 40 goals in his goalkeeping career, including three for his country. Some infield players retire without netting even one.

Rene Higuita is popularly remembered for his iconic scorpion kick against England in a friendly.

Jorge Campos is another special individual in that small group of ‘attacking goalkeepers’.

The Mexican goalkeeper played as a striker before he switched positions. He however insisted on wearing his number nine shirt in goal. Even as a goalkeeper, Campos was used as an auxiliary striker from time to time.

Even as goalkeeper, Jorge Ocampos stuck to playing in his number nine shirt.

In an East African country’s Inter Provinces Competition, a goalkeeper played as a striker and surprisingly emerged as the top scorer – you can’t just take that away from him.

James Alitho
Goalkeeper James Alitho in action.

James Alitho, a Ugandan who has played club and national team football as a goalkeeper turned up as a striker for Bugisu Province in the inaugural FUFA Drum (2018) tournament and no other player scored more goals than he did.

Bugisu Province
James Alitho (bending infront of goalkeeper in yellow) in a Bugisu Province starting lineup as a striker.

Apparently, the local fans treasure the newly formed tournament (aimed at celebrating ancestry) more than the domestic league – understandably because they relate more to ‘their own’.

They feel a great attachment to the competition that has so many of ‘their own players’ returning to play at home. It’s more like a community ‘national’ team.

You also just can not want to downplay a nationwide recognised tournament that is run and managed by official FUFA regulations.

Now, in a competition comprising of so many recognised local and international strikers, Alitho’s eight goals could not be superseded, let alone be matched. He recorded the feat in as few as four games!

Alitho scored the eight goals against three teams, within four games; He scored one against Teso, two against Busoga and five against Sebei.

James Alitho
James Alitho scored eight goals in four games for Bugisu to emerge as top scorer in the 2018 FUFA Drum tournament.

Though Alitho’s Bugisu was knocked out in the quarter final by West Nile, the custodian’s record as the leading scorer stood until the end of the tournament.

James Alitho
Goalkeeper James Alitho produced MOTM perfomances as a a striker.

No wonder the goalkeeper was also named in the best eleven of the tournament – in a (number nine) forward position that you’d expect would be filled by a striker.

You can say whatever, but Alitho, like the aforementioned goalkeepers scoring goals like that is forever memorable!

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  1. We also had Yusuf Wasswa (now at UPDF) at Bishop Nankyama. He’d take on the attacking role when the strikers were taking long to deliver 😄
    He scored about 20 goals between 2010 – 2011

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