Gospel Music Star Justice Riipposs Reveals his Past,Outs a Song

Gospel Music singer Justice Riipposs has been around in the industry for close to 6 years. He has released inspirational songs time in and out. Today, we tracked him down and shared his success story.

You’re  stage name Justice, are you really a Justice in real life?

Hahahah. I am not a court Justice. Those are my real names I also use on stage.

When did your music journey start?

I began singing when I was just 13 years old in church. And that is the time I gave my life to Christ. Recording a song that was around 6 years ago.

Are you from a family of music? Why did you choose to join the industry?

Yes. My mother is a musician. She is actually my mentor. She has seen me grow into this kind of a musician. I do music as a ministry. Most of the songs I compose are inspired by God.

When and what was your first ever song?

I wrote my first ever song when I was 16 years old. The song was all about not despising someone and judging people. Also, my first song was called First Love. It took me places.

How did it feel you’re first time in the studio?

I felt so good after writing many songs. It was just a blessing to me.

Your  latest song, what is the message behind it?

My latest song is called My story has changed. I take it now. My blessings and my favour. I recorded it after going through tough times. This is a positive confession.

Who wrote your latest song?

I wrote my song myself.

Where did you record it from?

I recorded the song from Elly Records.

What are your upcoming projects?

I have a new song called Nsazewo Leero. It is a wedding song. The audio is done and I am going to do a video very soon.

Which social media platforms can your fans find  you?

My fans can find me on all social media platforms with names Justice Riipposs

Here is my link of my latest song; https://youtu.be/MJxGlVtljnY


  1. I love the song. It’s a blessing. After going through challenging moments, it’s a song to fall back to knowing God never lets go

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