Gospel singer releases video of how fallen pastor Yiga chewed her for 8 years

Fallen man of God pastor Yiga who passed on a few days ago was reportedly chewing rusty gospel musician Maggie Kayima aka Nabbi Omukazi but the two later separated in 2015 under unclear circumstances and wars over Yiga’s whooper at the Kawaala based church.

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While speaking to a local online publication, Maggie revealed how Pastor Yiga terrorized her Vuvuzela for 8 good years and by the time of his death, the two were working out a plan to re-unite but God didn’t make it.

Pastor Yiga brought Nabbi Omukazi to the music scene through his church based Revival band alongside several musicians like Hassan Ndugga, Umar Mwanje, Hajjati Madina, Benna Namisinga among others who later abandoned the band and started their own life.

Prior to their separation, Yiga’s ABS television exposed Maggie in an exclusive leaked video when she was reportedly serving her honey pot to a witch doctor where she used to get her magical powers.

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Maggie however appreciates the time he spent with the fallen pastor contending they were friends in 2008 but started serious bonking in 2009 as the two were sharing the same stage performing miracles.

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