Grief as veteran journalist and former RDC succumbs to covid-19

The news of the passing of Veteran Journalist and former Radio West Manager Salongo Sulaiman Tiguragara Matojo this afternoon has engulfed his faithful fans and the whole of western Uganda.

Tiguragara is alledged to have succumbed to the deadly Covid-19 at mulago hospital following his sudden fainting from office on Friday 27th November.

His works as a journalist are much remembered at Radio Uganda in the 1980s presenting the program Africa special, a replica of the BBC Focus on Africa and radio west.

Since the news of his passing, grief and condolence messages have flown from all corners. Radio west also rushed to it’s official Facebook page to post a condolence message.

He is also remembered for his service as the Lyantonde district RDC and a publicist Ankole Cultural Trust.

At the the of his death he was working with a newly established radio station in Western Uganda, Crooze FM.

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