Horrified man displays all his academic certificates torn by ex-lover

A Kenyan with the name @somambia on Twitter has narrated how his ex-lover tore all his certificates to pieces after the two fell out.

The young man says the day his ex-lover tore all his certificates to pieces is still fresh in his mind.

The tweep said the experience still lingers in his mind and advised men to ensure that the type of ladies they associate with are reasonable.

Somambia said the documents that were destroyed by his ex-lover included school certificates, birth certificate, work contracts and even company documents.

He tweeted: “This day is still fresh on my mind like it was yesterday. Just make sure the type of lady you get has something between their ears.”

The tweep did not include the reason why his lover decided to do such an injustice to him but believed there was no reason why one should perform such a heinous act.

When one asked him if it was only his KCSE certificate, Somambia revealed that she tore all of them including his birth certificate.

Social media users took to the comment section to sympathise with him while others expressed shock over the incident.

There was another certificate incident where a young graduate identified as Usman Abubakar burnt all his certificates over the inability to secure a job.

Part of the certificates burnt by the graduate from Katsina state included the ones he obtained from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), higher institution and secondary school.

The frustrated young man first tore all the certificates into pieces before setting them ablaze.

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