How a single Ugandan father of two became a millionaire within 2 months

My name is Turyahebwa, a single father of 7-year-old twins based in Mbarara. A year ago, my wife left me because I didn’t have money for taking care of her needs and for our family. She got influenced by her friends, who made her join prostitution.

For all that long, I was suffering with my children with hope that one day, God would hear my prayer. Not long ago, I started gambling, I got some small money (500$), and stupidly, I rushed into Forex trading, the thing took all the money, and I was back to default. A friend of mine who has been in betting opened up to me and gave me an idea of how he has been making some good profits from fixed games.

So, he told me to get some small money (Shs500,000) to join this team and since he was the one who referred me to them, I explained and they understood because joining them is 3m. I told them I would pay the 2.5m balance immediately after winning the first game given my financial situation, they gave me a chance. I paid the 500k, I received my first game after a week, I staked 300,000/- on odd 25 and won 7.5m. That was the beginning of everything!

Let no one deceive you that they have European fixed games because I have seen with my eyes how and what is needed for the game to be fixed. For example, if a player from Europe is earning $300,000 per week as his salary, how much can you pay him to fix for you that game? And remember, only 1 player can’t give you the correct score, so my fellow Ugandans, don’t run to send money for European games, they do not exist, unless it’s the club owner doing it and he has told you what to do.

So, in East Africa here, say for example Kenya or Uganda where players are earning 300k as salary, which player will say no to 4m per match? So, we always contribute this money to paying players to give us the results we need. Everyone would not be complaining about money if people get to learn simple things.

Whoever is willing to join the team, please follow this link and look for me to thank.

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