How Bobi Wine bundled DP MPs from Mao, Vows to storm NRM for big guns!

As the political divides ponder over the massive coup that brought 21MPs to cross over to Bobi Wine’s National Unity Party (NUP), how he managed to pull this off, remains a subject of debate. So far Bobi Wine has managed to scoop MPs from NRM, some from DP and others who are independents.

DP members who crossed over to NUP were Muwanga Kivumbi, Betty Nambooze, Mathias Mpuuga, Medard Sseggona, Allan Ssewanyana, Florence Namayanja, Moses Kasibante and Veronica Nanyonjo. From NRM, Bobi Wine was able to hook John Baptist Nambeshe, and Patrick Oshabe Nsamba. Independents who have made their move to NUP are Francis Zaake , Abdulatif Ssebaggala , and David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga.

In a deal that can be described as too sweet to resist, the DP Members are said to have agreed that their positions will be ring-fenced and no one from People Power would contest against them.

Although they blamed DP President Nobert Mao for failing to effectively lead the party, the threat of NUP and its People Power Umbrella as a dangerous threat for the newly recruited MPs.

“To me and my friends, it was the toughest soul-searching political decision we have ever taken. DP has been our life. We gave everything under the sun to make sure that we remain in DP and unite the party but Mr Mao was never seeing things that way. He has refused to change leadership and we have decided to look for democracy elsewhere,” Muwanga Kivumbi said.

Bobi has also vowed to storm NRM for some of the top figures in the ruling party.

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