How my wife left me with our 2-year-old baby because I had no money

In 2019, my supposed-to-be wife gave me a shock of my life when she packed everything that belonged to her and left the house.

I was not at home by the time she left, I was doing some work in a nearby construction site when my neighbor came and asked me to go and help my stranded son at home. I asked her, where the mother was. She politely said, “She has packed her belongings.”

I was shocked and almost fainted but as a strong man, I had to walk back home to see exactly what was going on. When I reached home, everything was a mess and I started crying because she was someone who was motivating and pushing me to work hard to at least be someone in life.

It was very hard for me to get employment for many years and even my friends had dropped me and some laughed at me anytime they saw me struggle with life.

Before leaving home, my wife had started sleeping with other men. I don’t know why but because I was not able financially, I feared confronting her since she could jump out of the bag and go; so, I decided to remain silent.

Later on, I tried begging her to stop doing that to me and come back to our full marriage but she declined and said she could not live with a broke man like me. I then went and shared this with my mom before she advised me on what I could do.

She told me to do anything in life that can help me make money, however small it is, as long as its money. So, I asked a few friends of mine who were working from home and were making a lot of money.

They hesitated to tell me how because I had no money to start anything. One told me that he does Forex trading and can make up to $5000 every month. I asked him how much I needed to join the business, he told me I need atleast $500, I told him I can’t get such an amount unless he would lend me. He declined to my request and even stopped picking my calls.

So as time went by, I decided to take my son to my mother back in the village and come to the city to hit the streets of Kampala and hustle like I have no one I know in Kampala.

So, one day, as I was going for my usual hustles (site work) I met one of my friends who pitied the way I was looking. He literally cried when he saw the way I was.

He drove me to his apartment and started motivating me. He told me that life is all about making choices. He chose to live a life of gambling right from secondary school and he has been addicted to it. He said he traded bitcoin, forex until he joined Uganda Bettors Association for sports betting tips.

So, he dropped me to my house and was again shocked to see a kind of place I lived in. As he was departing, he surprised me with an envelop containing Shs1 million. He told me openly that ‘this money is going to change your life forever.’

He told me to go to Uganda Bettors Association website and pick their tips for betting, So, since I was used to betting, I went to the website and since it was him who recommended me to the site, I didn’t hesitate to subscribe because I knew they were legit and not the usual scammers who used to scam me while I was at campus. But before subscribing, I tried the free tips available on their website but the winning rate was low so I decided to subscribe for premium tips.

It took a few months for my life to change and when my ‘ex-wife’ saw me on Facebook, she started sending me ‘Hi’ hello, how are you today, etc but I have never responded. She recently sent me a WhatsApp message begging to come back to take care of our son.

She was shocked to see that I now drive my own car and I can afford to live a luxurious life that she was looking for when she left me. She sent me a text that she is having sleepless nights because of me [and indeed she should be having sleepless nights].

It’s just the beginning of my life and Uganda Bettors association is surely going to help me achieve a lot in life. I never thought of having a plot of land in Kampala but guess what, at 8 million, I was able to buy a plot in Gayaza.

My question is, should I bring her back into my life or I get a new person?

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  1. How factfull are your sources. If betting was that simple, everyone would have already invested in it. I have seen many betting adverts but things always go wrong. So if UBA legit?

  2. That ex wife of yours is more of material world than real love 💘 for you.So hold on,someone special who will
    love you forever regardless of your situation will automatically come your way.
    Good luck

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