I am going to Knock you dead the next time you wear NUP attire-Museveni’s brother threatens Chameleone


After gifting Chameleone with a Range Rover,registration number UBJ 415D last Monday morning and cash reportedly amounting to Shs100million, Michael Kaguta, popularly known as Toyota, threatened Chameleone saying he will be knocked dead if he looks back.

“The next time I see you wearing unrecognizable clothes, I will knock you dead. You understand man,” said Kaguta as his friends cheered him on.

Chameleone then hugged him and whispered something in his ears as Kaguta further emphasised that he shouldn’t repeat such things.

However,Museveni’s brother didn’t specify which ‘Unrecognisable’ attire he meant but from the look of things,Chameleone and everyone can interprete it and has all to do with NUP attire he wears.


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