“I was mad” – Jealous mother confesses she stabbed daughter to death

Italian investigators are still puzzled as they have failed to establish what really prompted a 24-year-old mother to murder her own 4-year-old daughter.

After Police interrogation, Martina Parti later on, after initially denying accepted that she had actually stabbed Elena Del Pozzo to death, but was unable to give a clear motive as she only insisted: “I wasn’t myself.”

Close sources however observed that she may have been jealous that her daughter had bonded with her ex’s new partner.

Parti’s daughter who she sired with Alessandro Nicodemo Del Pozzo grew to fondly love the other woman his father had fallen in love with, unlike her own mother.

It is expected that she may have not only been jealous of her ex’s new partner, but also of the possible bond between her ex’s new partner and her daughter.

A local authority reported that: “One of the possible reasons that led Patti to kill her daughter may be jealousy, not only of her ex-partner’s new partner but also of her daughter’s possible affection towards the woman.

Patti has now been arrested for aggravated murder and concealment of a corpse after she confessed to having stabbed Elena to death and buried her in a field.

She had first lied to police that her missing daughter had been attacked by three masked men. The woman claimed that the armed gang had snatched the girl as she left nursery school on Monday June 13.

Infact, Patti actually made it look like the alleged kidnapping was the work of her ex partner, Elena’s father but the authorities were not convinced with her story.

Police continued with more investigations. The following morning, as Police searched her home, she suddenly gave in and told them how she hacked her daughter to death with a kitchen knife.

She then took officers to the nearby field where she had wrapped the girl in bin bags and partially buried her in a shallow grave she had dug herself.

Officers noticed that the girl had been stabbed several times in the neck, upper back and behind the ear. They sent her body for an autopsy.

The father could not accept this huge loss, he couldn’t control his emotions as he was seen bursting into tears when he arrived at the crime scene with his new partner.

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